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Why the sun is our frenemy

UVA rays also cause hyperpigmentation by inducing inflammation, resulting in the overstimulation of melanocytes and their melanin production. We start with vibrant, firm skin when we are young, but the the effects of the damage caused by UV rays  appear as we get older as our collagen synthesis, elastin synthesis and healing processes increasingly slow down.

UVB rays are known as the burning rays. Their effects are seen nearly immediately in the result of a sun burn. The constant exposure of our skin to UVB rays also causes permanent damage over time. Like UVA rays, UVB rays play a role in the advancemnt of photo aging, has the potential to damage the skin's DNA and increases the chance of developing skin cancer. 

So like all good things, in order to maintain a healthy balance, the sun should be enjoyed in moderation. Enjoy the sunshine  enough in order to stimulate your Vitamin D  production, which for this area, may be as little as 5 minutes in the summer.  I highly encourage my clients to wear sunscreen every day as us Floridians get a lot of sun all year round. If a client has been adhering to a great skin care regimen, I also recommend adding in a Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which mean it works to inhibit oxidation (think of iron when it  comes in contact with water and air, it rusts). Vitamin C also gives protection against environmental and UV rays. In fact, using Vitamin C in your daily regimen helps protect your skin 8 times more than using sunscreen alone.

Enjoy the good qualities of our bright and beautiful frenemy, but please be sure to protect yourself from the damage it can create in your skin.


The sun...that beautiful golden orb in the sky that hovers majestically while our universe revolves around it. It is the source of warmth during the summer and brightens our moods just by seeing it in the winter. The sun enables our body to make Vitamin D, which is essential for the growth and maintenance of strong bones. Plants use the sun for their energy and growing processes, which, in turn, gives us the oxygen we need to breathe. Let's face it, we need the sun! It is essential to life on Earth.

Now here's the sad part...the sun is our frenemy. For those who haven't heard that term previously, friend + enemy = frenemy.

The sun is great, we can't live without the sun! And, yet, we have to protect ourselves from its wily temptations and its resulting destruction.

As you may know already, the sun's UV rays wreak havoc on our bodies. UVA rays are generally consistent throughout the year and can penetrate clouds and glass. The skin, the largest organ of the body, is our first line of defense and the most susceptible to UV damage. UVA rays, known as the aging rays, penetrate down to the dermis, causing degradation in collagen and elastin synthesis, leading to lines and wrinkles.