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When I received the invite for my friend's Norwex Facebook party, I accepted the invite just to be nice. I had no idea what Norwex was, but I figured I'd at least check it out. And I am so glad I did!

When I tell you that Norwex has changed the way I've thought about cleaning and the amount of time I spend cleaning, I am completely serious. It's weird to be that girl that gets excited about cleaning products, but Norwex has done that for me. It's a lot easier to show you why I love the products, but I'll try to type out the reasons:

It's one thing to read about my love of Norwex, but I also want to show you the science behind Norwex microfiber so you understand the difference between Norwex microfiber and the ones you can find at the store.

Why I Love Norwex!

1) It makes cleaning faster and easier - I can clean the surfaces of my house using two cloths, the Envirocloth and the Window Cloth. The Envirocloth can be used dry (for example, for dusting) or wet (for general cleaning, like on countertops or sinks). The Window Cloth is also known as the "polishing cloth" because it leaves windows streak-free, removes fingerprints from appliances and so much more. I don't have to worry about grabbing other cleaning supplies, like dusting solutions or paper towels. I don't spend extra time making sure I don't have streaks. And since these cloths pack some major cleaning power, I don't have to wipe and re-wipe and then go back again.  All I have to do is grab my two cloths and work my way around the house.One day earlier this year, I cleaned 6 windows, 6 sets of blinds and four bifold closet doors with just my Enivrocloth and Window Cloth. Besides not using up a bunch of chemically nonsense, I saved myself a heap of paper towels.  And, look Ma, no dry, rough hands!  Of course, Norwex has other awesome cloths and products, but if you're just starting out, I'd highly recommend the Envirocloth and Window Cloth.


I seriously love Norwex both what the company stands for and the products. It's really hard to convey a lot of information in one sitting, so I hope that you join me for a Norwex demo sometime! I do an in-office demonstration monthly, but if you can't make those, I will gladly set up a one-on-one demonstration for you.  I'm just a girl trying to create safe havens, one house at a time.

It's always interesting to hear what gets people excited...For you, it may be those wax warmers that promote delicious smells to permeate the house or those leggings that are uber comfortable or watching your kid's baseball games.  I'm sure it won't come as a shock, but what gets me excited, besides traveling, is my Norwex.

I've always liked cleaning, but I thank the day that my friend invited me to her Norwex Facebook party. I think we all kind of have that inner-groan that comes when you get a Facebook party invite. Sometimes it's because you don't wear makeup (or you have your favorite brand that you can't stray away from) or because you're not interested in buying what the party is offering or maybe it's because you are low on funds and need to limit excess purchases.

2) It saves me money - It is true that Norwex products cost more up front, but it saves money in the long run. I have drastically cut down spending on other cleaning supplies and paper towels. It's true that a lot of Norwex products have microfiber and you can get microfiber at Wal-Mart or Home Depot, but Norwex products are better quality, in my opinion, so I'm not wasting more money buying new cloths every year. Not only are Norwex cloths better quality, but they also have a 2-year warranty. A lot of Norwex products are multi-functional. Heard of the Ultra Power Plus? Not only is a kick-butt laundry detergent, but it's also a great stain treatment. There are many uses for UPP, but my favorite is to add some to my rug cleaner to get that extra cleaning kick without the noxious fumes. 

3) It helps me reduce the use of toxic chemicals in my home - I don't like to use the word "toxic" very often because it seems to be a buzz word that marketing companies use improperly to try and create sales. The fact is that not all chemicals are not bad, and some of them are really good for you...hello, H20!  Some chemicals, though, are ones that I would choose to live without, especially if I had children. Those detergents that help keep cloths brighter or those cleaning sprays that get things cleaner are laden with chemicals that I don't necessarily want to come in contact with every day. In addition to the possible long-term effects on my health, most cleaning products have oils in them, which attracts things like dust and fingerprints, which makes you use that product more often, which causes you to buy that product more frequently. Those cleaners really know how to promote job security!

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