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Bioslimming is a three-step treatment that helps to improve the appearance of your trouble zones.

Step 1: Active Slim Gel -  Reduces the appearance of cellulite, acts on skin firmness and induces fat burning. It stimulates the lymphatic system, activates the elimination of fat and enhances weight loss.

Step 2: Active Slim Cream - Targets cellulite and enhances weight loss. This slimming and contouring cream is an advanced treatment that also improves the appearance of stretch marks.

Step 3: Ultra Slim Effect - This gel when combined with Active Slim Cream & Active Slim Gel helps you achieve firm toned skin with a marked reduction in the appearance of cellulite, stretch mark and fat deposits. It helps reduce the formation of new adipocytes, inhibits fat synthesis, boosts the elimination of fat with its draining action.

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