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Until I can get a picture of my own work, this picture is provided via my instructor, Margie Meshew of Universal Touch, Inc.

 Ashiatsu Massage

"Ashi" means foot, "atsu" means pressure...this is a massage using my feet!  It is a deep, flowing massage that is designed to relax the client while simultaneously providing deep pressure to address the deeper muscles and fascia.

90 minutes: $100


Therapeutic Massage

Through Swedish massage is the most widely known type of massage, there are many different modalities that can be used to treat imbalances and conditions of the body. Combining various modalities, I will customize your massage according to your treatment goals in order to beset deliver the maximum benefits of your therapeutic session.

30 minutes: $35

60 minutes: $60

90 minutes: $85

Infrared Sauna Session

Enhance your massage treatment with a 30 minute infrared sauna session. Unlike those hard wooden benches that you normally see, this sauna session allows you to recline and relax in peace. Besides allowing an additional 30 minutes to relax your mind in a warm and and tranquil environment, your body will be heated starting with the core and your muscles will be warm and more receptive to the massage you will receive afterwards, allowing for deeper work without discomfort.

30 minutes stand-alone session: $40

Sauna + 60 minute massage: $100

Sauna + 90 minute therapeutic massage: $120

Sauna + Ashiatsu/Table Thai massage: $130

Table Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage has been used as a form of medical massage for over 2,500 years. Though traditionally done on a mat on the floor, this adaption is done on the table for ease of all clients.  It is a deeply relaxing massage that is done with the client fully clothed, focusing on energy lines and stretching to help relax both the body and mind.

90 minutes: $100