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Ashiatsu - Coming Soon!


Ashiatsu is an incredibly relaxing and beneficial type of massage. The strokes are broad and flowing and the pressure is generally blissful and pain-free due to the broad compression of the foot.  And, like all other massage techniques, the pressure can be adjusted to meet your tolerance level.

Unlike the image on the left, I will be practicing Ashiatsu with the client laying on the table, just like the other massages that I offer. The draping that I learned is a diaper drape. I will admit that when we practiced this in class, it was a bit disconcerting at first. As you may, too, feel during your first ashiatsu massage, I felt very exposed since I was not used to such a different draping style. I, however, soon got over that when I began to relax into the massage. I forgot all about it and the other students around me as I realized how this style of draping allows for full body glides and how it is not only beneficial for the kinetic chains of the body, but also how beautifully relaxing they were.

So when am I going to start offering this beautifully relaxing deep tissue massage?

As soon as I can get the bars installed in my room!
You can also see in the picture that standing on the table (and on people) requires some sort of way to stablize the practitioner and that's what the bars provide. As soon as I can design the contraption for my particular room, gather and build the parts, and snag my husband on his day off to help me install them, I'll be in business! And I so look forward to it!

Ashi...who? Bless you!

No, no, no! Ashiatsu!

I am excited to announce that I will soon be offering a new modality. I'm sure you've guessed what it's called...yup, Ashiatsu!

Ashi means foot and atsu means pressure, so this new modality simply means applying pressure with the feet. Yes, a massage using my feet!

Although I try to explain to clients the difference between deep tissue and deep pressure (No, they are not the same. For more information about the difference between the two, click here.), there are times where a deeper pressure than I can give with my arms is needed. Enter Ashiatsu, a modality where I can use my weight and my two strongest limbs to help achieve that deeper pressure.